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David "Ds7" Taylor founder and owner of Ds7 is a local Commercial and Residential Freelance artist with many years of experience creating unique work of art. 

As a successful freelance artist, Ds7's assignments require careful planning that results in meeting  the needs of many clients no matter how big or small the project may be. 

Whether you're looking for that one of a kind art work art for your business or home Ds7 has a wide section of life painting, portraits, light structural design, lighting design, furniture design, structural art design, aerosol and acrylic painting, faux technics, epoxies and wall applications, paperhanging, tiling, and stenciling.









All paintings unless otherwise noted utilizes a frequent style and technic used which is very labor intensive.  Multiple tools are used simultaneously to create the works  intricate details and require special attention.

Ds7art .com Registered by David Taylor Artist and Contractor, all rights reserved.

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