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Throughout the years Ds7 has learned to manipulate his art into different styles. Currently Ds7 is taking his art to new levels by using tools and patterns to manipulate his work, but keeping as much freehand style manipulation as possible. By taking his time, staying focused, pushing his skill to the limits. Ds7 hopes to create an image that captures a feeling that is then manipulated, causing the viewer to dig deep with your eyes. Although some of his paintings could be painted in days, Ds7 takes weeks to complete one painting due to the style and technic Ds7 has added to his painting to make it original and unique.



Just missed this... stay tuned for my next show!

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Ds7 at Eye Caffeine


Opening Reception for the Eye Caffeine; Friday, February 15 2013 at Gallery@The Chelsea City in Chelsea, Ma.

YouTube interview “Eye Caffeine” solo show‘13Chelsea Record, “Art Heist in Chelsea?”(Hard to believe but it happened) Thursday, April 25,2013

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